NCAJ is an independent organization, but we make our home at Fordham Law School. Access to justice a key institutional priority at Fordham. The law school's A2J initiative is a school-wide effort to to leverage teaching, direct service, scholarship and advocacy in support of the cause. NCAJ helps lead that initiative, and co-teaches a seminar on access to justice for JD students. Our collaboration with Fordham has included the following efforts:

NYC Mayoral Forum on Civil Justice

In March 2021, NCAJ and Fordham Law School hosted a forum on access to justice for leading Mayoral candidates in New York City. The event was a vital opportunity to put the candidates on record about key civil justice concerns that weren't being raised often enough on the campaign trail. We were particularly eager to push candidates to think about problems triggered by the pandemic's economic fallout. What followed was a lively discussion that put the candidates on the record about their views on evictions, debt collection lawsuits, family law concerns-- and the larger need to get people more help with their legal problems. 

Leading NYC Mayoral Candidates Take Positions on Key Access to Justice Concerns

Access to Justice Summit

In 2018, NCAJ and Fordham hosted an access to justice summit that gathered more than 85 activists, practitioners and thought leaders from across the country. Summit participants debated hard questions about the focus of the civil justice reform movement, and also discussed the resources and capacities that are needed to realize the visions and accomplish the goals that are important to the movement and most significant in people’s lives. 

To build on the strength of the conversations we had at the Summit, we worked with the law school to gather and publish the A2J Summit Collection. The Collection's 14 articles advanced diverse perspectives on the current state-- and future-- of the access to justice movement.

2018 Access to Justice Summit
NCAJ and Fordham Law School's 2018 Access to Justice Summit brought together leading voices from across the country.

Where the Civil and Criminal Systems Meet

On October 19, 2016, Fordham Law School marked the arrival of the National Center for Access to Justice (NCAJ) and the launch of the school’s new Access to Justice Initiative, with a public discussion about the need to bring civil and criminal justice reform efforts together. Find more information about that discussion, including a full recording of the event, here.

Panel from our 2016 event
NCAJ Executive Director David Udell leading a discussion on the links between civil and criminal justice reform.