April 9, 2019

In more than a dozen new writings gathered in The A2J Summit Collection, activists from across the country describe the leading edge and future promise of the civil justice reform movement, in many instances seeing its prospects as closely intertwined with the criminal justice reform movement and the national effort to reduce mass incarceration.

The A2J Summit Collection, published in the Fordham Law Review Online, is an outgrowth of a pathbreaking Fall 2018 national convening — the A2J Summit — that brought more than 85 activists and leaders together at Fordham Law School for a strategic reconsideration of the place, purpose, and importance of civil justice reform.

The pieces in the A2J Summit Collection make the case for the crucial importance of civil justice reform to address the crisis in which people risk the loss of their homes, their children, their savings, their physical and emotional well-being, even their liberty, because of challenges posed by the civil justice system. The authors and the titles of their writings are:

The National Center for Access to Justice and the A2J Initiative at Fordham Law School, the joint sponsors of the A2J Summit and of the A2J Summit Collection, invite readers to consider the new writings, and to join forces with our own efforts and with those of the authors in working to expand civil access to justice.

The A2J Summit was generously supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Pew Charitable Trust.

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